comicaze (comicaze) wrote in clonehigh,

Clone High reference on Conan O'Brien?

What do you think? Clone High reference or coincidence? Check out 1:09. I mentioned it to Phil on Twitter. I'm wondering if I should post a link to the video too. But there's a chance that it's a coincidence. If the video is stretching out your page, let me know. I'll put it under a cut.

On a side note, somebody asked Phil about a Clone High movie and he said he'd love to do one if MTV would. Maybe we have a mission now.
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I live in Canada so Hulu hates me. What did he say?
Aw. Somebody needs to get it on Youtube. Basically he was beat out by John Stamos as sexiest 46 year old man. So he raised his fist in the air and shouted "STAMOS!"
Just an awesome coincidence.
I remember the old days of Conan where he would have Stamos' wife (now ex-wife) Rebecca Romijn on the show and he would do the same kind of thing. Conan always flirted with Romijn and, once she got married, Stamos became Conan's enemy (as a joke, of course).

It's kind of a running joke. It has been for over a decade. Pre-Clone High.
Aw. That kind of makes me sad. I was a little excited by the thought of Conan being a Clone High fan.
Oops. Wrong journal.

I see. I don't think Chris and Phil got it from Conan because Phil didn't mention that when I brought it up. So must have been a coincidence. Still would've been awesome if he did know about it.

There was another almost Clone High moment again tonight. "The giraffe is you Conan."