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Jolly Snowflake Day everyone!

I definitely used this wonderful all-inclusive holiday of Snowflake Day to rewatch all of the Clone High episodes and wouldn't you know it, the ending still pisses me off. I would really like to know of another good cartoon that could possibly have a "worse" cliffhanger. I don't think there is.

Lets talk about other one season shows...

For example, "Mission Hill" had only one season, with 5 more episodes written. The shows last episode was not a cliffhanger. Its a show about peoples lives and their random occurances. There were over-arching storylines, but none while watching felt the need to be given closure.

"Undergrads" definitely has a cliffhanger, inwhich  you don't know of where the main characters lives will turn to next. Pete Williams has the whole story in his head but refuses to spill incase he does eventually get picked up again... Yeah right. I'd love it, but I know better.

"Gary and Mike" and "Stroker and Hoop" both leave you with a situation of whether or not the main characters get out of the mess they're in, not to mention simply live through the ordeal.

And for only a one-episode Korgath the Barbarian, jeez, I really want to know and see more. Too bad no one is telling what went wrong wtih that production deal. And for the crap [adult swim] produces nowadays, I have no idea why they didn't go with it, unless it was too good.

"Invasion America", (anyone remember that one?) that was another good, one season show. Luckily you can just read the books to find out what happens next.

"3 South", wow, what a funny show, (my friend hates it).

Any other cartoons I missed, or maybe don't know about? I'd love to gab about "Firefly", but I won't. Unless they make an animated series...

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