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clonehigh's Journal

Clone High Fans
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Clone High is a cartoon that used to play on MTV and Teletoon, but has recently been cancelled, and will no longer be made. Which makes me sad since it is a great cartoon. With its quirky sense of humour and concept, it has melted many a frozen heart. *cough* This is simply a community in which we can comment and guffaw over it.

+The creators of Clone High have signed onto new projects. (Thread).
+To download a collection of Clone High quotes click here, or the above website link.

Please not post quiz results. Unless you find one no one has seen before, or make one yourself, please do not post them. And, if you do post a quiz result, please use the LJ-CUT. Yet LJ-cut or not, it gets rather tiresome after the first few times you see the same quiz. So if you want to post them, please do so in your own journals.

Read the welcome entry. And feel welcome.

clone-high.com: the official website
clonehighusa.com: download the music! Among other cool stuff!
teletoon.com: the channel which it is currently being shown in Canada
mtv.com/onair/clone_high: The MTV site.

Icon credit: heart_burn

I must express that this is a fan community. We are here to express nothing but our appreciation of this cartoon. We in no way assert that this is "ours" in anyway, shape, or form. It belongs to Nelvana and it's collaborators. So please respect their copyrights: © 2002 Nelvana International Limited/MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International, Inc.