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Getting Clone High back

Me again.

So, I've been watching pretty much everybody involved with Clone High via Twitter and it seems like if we can just get MTV to either fund it or at least give up the rights to somebody who's willing that everybody would be on board. So post on their community boards, tweet them, do whatever it takes. I know you guys want it too. At least a movie.

It's kind of funny, the show's been off the air for over 8 years and a lot of the people involved are still talking about it. Bill Lawrence brings up the show on a regular basis. (Even more so recently because of the Vancouver riots. Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!) And now Michael McDonald (Gandhi) posted and said he wanted to bring back Clone High.

I know Phil and Chris have mentioned it before. Although not sure how much time 21 Jump Street and the Lego movie are going to take.

I'd honestly take a table read at this point just so I can have a decent ending.
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